Year 11 Modern History Reference List

The World at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Non-Fiction Books

300/COU    The question is ... general studies for senior students
307.764/KNA Cities of the world and their future
321.4/BAR Athenian democracy : the triumph and the folly
325.32/GIB Nineteenth century imperialism
327/MEA Towards a new vision : Australia and Japan : through 100 years
330.12/GRA Capitalism
550/KEL Environmental geology
909/MUN The way we were 
909.08/HOA Turn of the century
915/TAM Japan
943/SCH West Germany
951/HIL China
951/HOL Beijing
951/TIM China
952/JAM Inside Japan
952/JAP Japan
952.04/DOW Japan
952.04/KEN  Japan a land in transition
952.04/PIL Japan
952.04/THO  Japan
959.053/MAS South East Asia
973/ELL United States of America 


The Bulletin My country, 'tis of thee, 10 June 1997, p. 61
The Bulletin The dark side of nationalism, 20 April 1999, p. 45
ANZRC Search under: key forces, e.g., capitalism, democracy, etc.
specific countries, e.g., France, Britain, etc.
AV 915/HYE Asia at a glance
PAM/AFRICA/SOU South Africa - apartheid
PAM/CHINA/MOD Modern China 1911 to today
PAM/ENVIRONMENT/GLO Global geography update '89
PAM/ENVIRONMENT/NEW New South Wales state of the environment 1995 summary
PAM/ENVIRONMENT/NSW NSW state of the environment 1993
PAM/GEOGRAPHY/LAR Large cities study - Mexico Cities
PAM/GEOGRAPHY/PEO Peoples of South East Asia
PAM/GOVERNMENT/AGE Our democracy at work
PAM/GOVERNMENT/FRE    Civics, citizenship and democracy
PAM/GOVERNMENT/PAR The Parliament pack
PAM/HEALTH/UNI   2 unit PD/H/PE Year 12 emerging community health issues presentations 1996
PAM/JAPAN/FAC Facts about Japan
PAM/JAPAN/IMP The Imperial family
PAM/MAPS/NAT South East Asia 
PAM/SOCIAL STUDIES/LAT Primitivism, nationalism and individualism in Australian popular culture
SOCIAL SCIENCE/CUR  Current social issues


REF 909.08/WRI The last five hundred years
REF 909.81/TIM The pulse of enterprise
REF 916/AFR Africa from the Sahara to the Zambesi
REF 930/TIM Light in the east
REF 940/EUR Europe (including USSR west of the Urals)
REF 940.1/TIM Shadow of the dictators
REF 940.1/TIM The age of calamity
REF 940.1/TIM The Divine campaigns
REF 940.2/TIM Powers of the crown
AV 398.264/REA Natural wonders of Europe : myths and legends 
AV 600/ABC  Materials revolution (part of Perspective 1)
AV 910/ABC Africa's child
AV 910/ABC Faces of man
AV 910.91/REA Natural wonders of Europe : fire and ice
AV 910.91/REA Natural wonders of Europe : seas and summits
AV 914/ABC Geographical eye over Europe
AV 919.4/ABC Urban communities (part of Living Australia)
AV 940/ABC  War (part of Australians in World War I)
AV 942.08/BRI     Revolution  of necessity (part of British Social History)
AV 951/SBS    The gate of heavenly peace
AV 952/ABC   Faces of Japan

Websites (capitalism) (democracy) (imperialism) All Change in the Victorian Age. In-depth article about the changes that enabled the Industrial Revolution (industrialisation) (liberalism) (militarism) (nationalism) (socialism) (trade unionism) (urbanisation)